14 Reasons You Are Hungry All the Time (and How to Fix It)

If your stomach “growls” constantly, asking for food, and feeling empty it’s not always about being actually hungry. There are many reasons why you cannot find a feeling of fullness and feel starving even though you’ve recently eaten. Late-night visits to the fridge for food cravings may be a simple sign of an improper diet or a warning for a medical issue that you need to check out with your doctor.

We have done some research and gathered various likely explanations of why your body craves more food. Here are some reasons for that feeling and what to do to prevent it.

1. Eating too many refined carbs

Refined carbs can be found in any processed foods especially pasta, baked goods, and sugary foods. The lack of fiber makes your body digest them fast, so hunger comes right away and the feeling of fullness that comes with eating is just temporary.

It has been proven that high-fiber foods take longer to be digested, so adding fiber into our diet is a good solution here. If you stop constantly fueling your body with refined carbs and replace them with healthier foods like whole grains, brown rice, and vegetables you’ll see a difference in your hunger levels soon.

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