9 Plants That Create Positive Energy In Your Home

9. Chrysanthemum

In Buddhism, chrysanthemum is a symbol of honesty and purity. It absorbs toxins and it was believed to have healing powers. For Japanese and Chinese cultures, the chrysanthemum is more than just a plant, it symbolizes long life and boosts your mood and energy.

It’s beautiful from the outside and just by looking at it, it produces positive feelings. The flowers can be true refreshment to your home, because of their appealing color- you can find them yellow, orange, red, lavender and white. Chrysanthemum prevents tension and stress, so you may as well have one in your office.

Plants can always make your home a warm and comfortable place to live in. Many of these plants don’t require a lot of your time and attention and you can easily turn your home from a dull and monotonous place into a vibrant and lively environment, full with positive energy!

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