18 Exotic Places to Travel Right in the U.S.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

If Fiji is your idea of the ultimate escape but you aren’t able to venture that far, Culebra offers the ideal tropical destination in a U.S. territory a bit closer to the mainland, and its beaches rival that of those found in the South Pacific. Located less than 20 miles from the main island of Puerto Rico, Culebra still lies relatively undiscovered with a lack of large hotels, shopping and chain restaurants. You won’t find much of anything in the way of nightlife either, but on this 7-mile long island, you’re likely to spot leatherback turtles and the giant Culebra anole. You’ll also have the chance to see the bioluminescent organisms that light up some of the coastal waters after dark. Culebra has a non-commercial culture and an especially exotic atmosphere with its quirky independently-owned boutiques and eateries serving fresh, local fare.

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