Top 10 Best Dogs Breeds for Your Kids

6. Jug (Jack Russell X Pug)

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Let’s not forget about the mutts! Many mix-breeds make wonderful family dogs and excellent companions for children. One example is the Jug – the mix between a Pug and a Jack Russell Terrier, which has gained tremendous popularity (as a designer dog breed) over the past few years. It is a small and interesting looking dog, and while they can vary in physical appearance due to essentially being a mixed breed, but they are often a round-headed, with a curled tail, somewhat lighter than a Pug and athletic and strong like the Jack Russell.

Temperament can also vary, but many have the playfulness of a Jack Russell, but without the intensity that normally comes with the breed. They are, however, still energetic, incredibly intelligent and fearless like their Jack Russell parent, combined with the loving, easy-going and sociable personality of a pug, which is what makes them perfect for a household with children. Then can run and play all day, since their breathing is generally better than that of a purebred pug, they have enough energy to keep up with active kids while also being gentle and patient around small humans. It is a fun all-round dog that will fit right into a rambunctious and full-of-life family.

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