Top 10 Best Dogs Breeds for Your Kids

2. Newfoundland

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This is a big and fluffy dog that will look like a massive bear next to a small child, but despite their size, they are both gentle, laid back, caring and sweet, and they make excellent family dogs thanks to their sense for looking out for everyone. If your child cries – a Newfoundland is likely to come right over to see what’s wrong because it matters to them that even the smallest family members are happy and content. Kids love burying their faces in the Newfoundland’s thick fur, and let’s face it – the Newfoundland loves it too! Since they are both patient in temperament, and fond of being cuddled and touched, it is no surprise why so many families with children have chosen to bring a Newfoundland into their homes.

The Newfoundland needs long daily walks to stay in shape, and since they move rather slowly – they are the ideal companion for a family outing or a walk together with children with short legs. They can even be taught to pull babies and young children in sleds and wagons, something that is both fun for the child and a real treat for this working breed. Having a task to complete is highly desired by the Newfoundland, and if given the chance – they have every potential of becoming the best nanny your child could ever wish for. Their soft fur and gentle ways offer comfort and support, they know they are big and treat kids with the gentleness required for safe interaction, and they love spending time together with the whole family.

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