Top 10 Most Dangerous Cat Breeds to Own

When one thinks of cats one typically envisions playful balls of fur who keep old ladies company, entertain our toddlers and generally amuse us with their childlike curiosity. Some people like the status that comes with owning an exotic cat breed, but be warned; not all cat breeds are suitable as pets. Below are 10 species of felines in order that you’d do best to exercise caution around.

1. Bobcats

This exotic bearded feline with its tufted ears and spotted back and belly bonds strongly with humans but as tame as they may sometimes appear, they have an aggressive side and could kill an adult human.

They are known to be unpredictable and moody. They come in beautiful hues ranging from golden to smoky blue but don’t let their beauty fool you. These feisty felines will shred your furniture and harass your visitors and are best kept far away from children.

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